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Art Advisory

“Whether you’re an experienced art collector or just starting out, the art world can seem daunting. Our focus is on ‘opening the door’ and making art more accessible for our clients – we work with them to build their knowledge and confidence, making buying and selling art an exciting and rewarding experience”.

Pegasos5 are specialists in Australian and contemporary Asian art. We have more than 20 years of experience across the international art market and we are passionate about sharing our extensive knowledge and connections to demystify art collecting.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with tailored independent advice, guiding them to create rewarding art collections that reflect their personal interests.

Buying and selling art

Buying art can be a daunting experience. When considering what to buy, when to buy and how to buy, guidance from an independent professional can take the guesswork out of acquiring art.

Our considerable experience allows us to guide clients on the best approach to expanding their art collections – this may mean purchasing through a gallery, commissioning an artist, buying at auction or tracking down artworks being offered privately.

Whether making a one-off purchase or expanding an existing collection, Pegasos5 clients enjoy access to a diverse range of quality artworks from across the globe.
Pegasos5 can also assist collectors wanting to sell artworks, drawing on our art market experience and extensive networks to help clients achieve the best possible results.

Collection Management

Pegasos5 can help collectors with all the important elements that contribute to managing an art collection: shipping, framing, conservation, installation and photography of artwork, along with advice regarding insurance and financing.

Collector Group

Pegasos5 is a supporter of collector groups and we are happy to advise on how to set up and structure your group as well as provide assistance and guidance on acquisitions.



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